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Lendlease is pleased to announce the new 1.2 kilometre Riverwalk is now open to pedestrians and cyclists.

The Riverwalk is a key feature of the Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade, offering pedestrians and cyclists a dedicated two-metre-wide riverside path separated from a three metre wide, two way off-road cycle path. See our Riverwalk fact sheet for more information.

The eastern section of Kingsford Smith Drive from Harbour Road to Eagle Farm will be completed and all six lanes opened to traffic around mid-2019.

The rejuvenated Cameron Rocks Reserve will also be completed in mid-2019 and the new urban plaza at Bretts Wharf is expected to open around the end of 2019.

Additional works:

Due to complex geotechnical conditions encountered during marine construction activities between Bretts Wharf and Cameron Rocks Reserve, significant additional work will be required along the riverfront.

Despite the project team’s best efforts, works between Hunt Street and Harbour Road, Hamilton will now continue until the second half of 2020.

The project team is continuing to work tirelessly to resolve the very technical and complex challenges offered up by this upgrade. It is critical that we get the design right to construct this vital piece of infrastructure for Brisbane.

See our November 2018 project update fact sheet for more information.

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